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Learn Wireless Hacking and Security (in only 9 hours)

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Course Description: This VTC course delivers an in-depth look at wireless security, demonstrating how IEEE 802.11 wireless attacks are carried out and defended against. Veteran instructor Bobby Rogers first provides a foundation in wireless security technologies before he proceeds with practical demonstrations on securing both clients and network devices. He also demonstrates how to monitor wireless networks, capture wireless traffic, and even crack WEP and WPA keys. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 101 Free Video Video Time

Overview of Wireless Networking

Wireless Security Basics

Wireless Security Protocols

Securing Desktop Clients

Wireless Access Points

Mobile Wireless

Securing Bluetooth

Hacking Basics

Wireless Security Tools

Wireless Security Testing Section One

Wireless Security Testing Section Two

Wireless Security Testing Section Three

Legal Issues

Wireless Security Best Practices