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Learn VBScript (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Instructor, Steve Holzner, teaches you VBScript, the powerful scripting language that comes built into Internet Explorer. Learn to use VBScript code to change web pages on the fly, check data before it's sent to the server, or perform calculations behind the scenes. Make web pages come alive by handling the data the user enters into controls like text fields, list boxes, and dialog boxes. VBScript it also the language used in Active Server Pages (ASP), using such servers as the Internet Information Server (IIS) or Microsoft's Personal Web Server (PWS). Using VBScript in ASP, you can execute your own code on the server, putting together web pages in real time to send back to the browser. To being learning today, simple click on one of the VBScript lessons.

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Conditionals and Errors





Buttons and Text Fields

Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

List Boxes and Image Controls

Image Maps and the Mouse

Built-in Functions: Strings

Built-in Functions: Times and Dates

Built-in Functions: Math

Object-Oriented Programming

Using VBScript in Active Server Pages

In Conclusion