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Learn TCP/IP Packet Analysis (in only 5 hours)

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Course Description: Both network administrators and IT security professionals must have the fundamental knowledge of TCP/IP to do their jobs. With that comes a necessity to be able to analyze TCP/IP traffic in order to troubleshoot network problems, analyze attacks, and better understand and secure their systems. Veteran VTC author, Bobby Rogers, will provide in-depth explanations for beginners and seasoned network professionals alike to enable them to understand the complex techniques of TCP/IP traffic analysis. To begin learning, simply click on the TCP/IP Packet Analysis movie links.

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Video Tutorials Included: 57 Free Video Video Time

Basics of TCP & UDP Protocols

TCP & UDP Packet Construction

Basics of IP Protocols

Packet Analysis Tools

Packet Capturing

Analyzing TCP/IP Traffic

Analyzing Common Protocols

Looking for Malicious Traffic

Examining Wireless Traffic

Practical Applications of Traffic Analysis

Course Wrap Up