In the past, customers could login to their account to add or renew courses.

As of 11/30/13 all previous courses have been retired, so we are no longer selling them.
Instead, we are encouraging customers to sign up for new video based training courses provided by VTC.

What's different?

1) More engaging
   The Video training courses may be more interesting and entertaining because they have continuous visuals and audio.

2)  Many more courses
There are over 1,000 video training courses to choose from. Previously we only offered around 200 courses.

3)  Works on all devices
The Video training courses work on computers, tablets and mobile devices. 
    The previous courses only worked on computers.

4) Certificates of completion
The Video training courses do not include quiz questions or scoring.
    Certificates are now earned by watching all of the videos included in a course.

5) Monthly subscription 
   - You now get access to the entire library of 1,000+ courses for $30/mo (per person). Cancel anytime.
   - Previously we only offered 1 year subscriptions.

6) Try before you buy
Select a course to view free videos so you can see what the training is like.

it training

Now you can learn almost anything for almost nothing. Simply login to access an entire library of
1,000+ video courses (you can view on computers, tablets, and mobile devices). Cancel anytime.

Why the change?
The courses we have sold for 13 years were created by the courseware developer named Mindleaders.
Mindleaders was recently acquired by another courseware developer named Skillsoft.
Skillsoft courses are similar to the old Mindleaders courses but they are higher priced.

To give our customers an affordable alternative, we are recommending switching to video based training by VTC.

If you need to discuss the change, call Bret Garret at 317-730-7769. (Mon-Sat 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Est.)
or email: support @