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Learn Reason 5 & Record 1.5 (in only 8 hours)

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Course Description: Reason is the Propellerhead flagship product and the latest version has some significant upgrades. Alongside Reason 5.0, Propellerhead has just released Record 1.5 which also includes some important additions. This VTC course begins with a quick overview of the new features of both programs. Then Sean Michael Paddison, a music producer and home recording expert, moves on to an in-depth exploration of Reason 5.0 that will give new users the solid foundation they need to utilize the software. Throughout the course Sean will share many helpful hints that even seasoned pros will find useful. Work files are included. Get started now by clicking on the movie links below!

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Video Tutorials Included: 113 Free Video Video Time

About Reason 5.0 / Record 1.5 Update

System Requirements & Setup

Reason & Record Integration

The Synths

Samplers - An Overview

Drums & Loop Machines

Mixers & Routing - An Overview


Sequencers & Note Manipulation

Controllers & Synchronization

MIDI Processing & Recording

File Import & Export

Advanced Sampling

Advanced Synthesizing

Advanced Drum Programming

Advanced Effect Processing

Automation Unleashed

Mixdown Tips & Tricks

Rewire & Refills

A Closer Look at the Record 1.5 Update


Wrap Up