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Learn QuickStart! - Using Virtual Machines (in only 2 hours)

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Course Description: Virtual Machines are one of those rare technologies that not only make you go 'wow', they make you realize that the game just changed.

Virtual Machines allow you to run multiple operating systems in separate windows, similar to an application, simultaneously on your desktop or laptop. Your host system might be Windows 7, but you can boot up a Windows Server 2003 instance in one window and a Linux machine in another window and then network them together!

Virtual Machines make getting hands-on experience with new operating systems and new application upgrades easy, fast and safe for your base computing platform.

In this QuickStart course, author Mark Long gives you the basic understanding and resources you need to get a virtual machine up and running on your computer fast!

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Video Tutorials Included: 23 Free Video Video Time


  • What is Virtual Computing? 5.45
  • Course Disclaimer 4.13
  • Advantages of Virtual Machines 4.87
  • Virtual Challenges 3.5
  • Which Software? 3.68
  • OS Requirements 3.07
  • Microsoft Virtual PC 4.88
  • VMWare Player 3.28
  • VirtualBox 2.8

Creating a Virtual Environment

Virtual OS Settings

Managing the Virtual Environment

Course Wrap-Up