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Course Description: iPlotz is a comprehensive wireframing, collaboration, and task management tool developed by VTC. Wireframing is a way to develop the layout and functionality of a website or application before starting any design work. A wireframe can be presented to clients, or potential clients, without any distractions from colors, graphics, or anything else. Locking down the layout first before working on any graphics or content can save huge amounts of time and money. Doing this eliminates the waste of redesigning things later, just because your layout has changed.

In this course, VTC author Rick Martin guides you through the entire iPlotz application. Starting with the iPlotz website, Rick explains iPlotz pricing, the signup process, and how to use the help system and forum to their full potential. He then details the iPlotz Desktop installation process and the differences between the desktop and online versions. He continues with an in-depth journey through project management and using the iPlotz tools and features before concluding with information on collaboration and wireframe sharing.

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iPlotz Basics

Managing Projects


Previewing and Collaboration

Hands-on Project