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Learn QuickStart! - Adobe Premiere CC (in only 2 hours)

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Course Description: Premiere Pro CC is the latest version of Adobe's professional video editing software. And with Creative Cloud, they have totally changed the way you access the software. So author Mark Struthers begins this VTC QuickStart! course with a quick overview of the changes and an explanation of how to access Premiere Pro via the Cloud. Then he dives right into project creation. He shows you what you need to know to quickly get up and running in Premiere from how to navigate and adapt the UI to suit your needs to exporting the finished sequence (and much more in between). Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 21 Free Video Video Time

Starting a Project

  • Starting a Project 4.77
  • Setting Preferences 5.32
  • Navigating the UI 6.77
  • Further UI Information 6.28
  • Adapting the UI 3.37
  • Importing Assets 6.37
  • Further Asset Importing 5.28
  • Creating a Sequence 7.12
  • Using the Source Monitor 3.7

Developing Projects