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Learn QuickStart! - Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (in only 2 hours)

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Course Description: Adobe Dreamweaver is the industry-leading HTML editor for designing, coding, and developing websites, web pages, and web applications. In this QuickStart! course, author James Gonzalez introduces Dreamweaver CS4’s most important features, including an overview of the application interface, methods for laying out pages, inserting Flash media, formatting with CSS, and more. Whether you enjoy the control of hand-coding HTML or prefer to work in a visual editing environment, Dreamweaver provides all the tools you will need to create web pages without writing a line of code. To begin learning Dreamweaver CS4 today, simply click on the movie links.

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New in Dreamweaver CS4

  • New Features pt. 2 3.88
  • New Features pt. 2 0.78

The Dreamweaver Workspace

Setting Up Sites

Creating & Formatting Documents

Inserting Media

Formatting Documents

Site Management

Wrap Up