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Course Description: The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide is a set of guidelines and best practices put together by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is also the focus of the most widely recognized project management certification available: the Project Management Professional credential. This VTC course (third in a four-part series), provides a detailed overview of the fourth through sixth Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK Guide: Project Cost, Project Quality, and Project Human Resource. Users will gain a thorough understanding of the processes that make up these knowledge areas, in addition to a high-level insight of how they work together. Work Files are included. To begin learning PMBOK - Part 3, simply click on one of the movie links.

* This PMBOK course series is based on the third edition of the PMBOK guide. VTC has provided update notes that work in conjunction with this series, allowing users to review changes and updates that are necessary for taking the PMBOK 4th edition exam. These notes are found in "Updated Notes" section. Upon completing the VTC PMBOK Part 1-4 series, students should then move on to complete the following course: PMBOK Guide Update (4th Edition), which provides a review of the 42 project management processes now presented in the PMBOKĀ® Guide, 4th edition.

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PMBOK Guide Overview

Project Cost Management

Cost Estimating Process

Cost Budgeting Process

Cost Control Process

Project Quality Management

Quality Planning Process

Perform Quality Assurance Process

Perform Quality Control Process

Project Human Resource Management

Human Resource Planning Process

Acquire Project Team Process

Develop Project Team Process

Manage Project Team Process

Cost Formula Practice

Practice Exam Review

Course Overview