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Learn Painter 7 Techniques (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Painter 7 is an incredible digital paint program that simulates hand drawing and painting, making it a perfect tool for artists, designers, and animators. VTC author, Rhoda Grossman, will show users how to turn a photo into a watercolor painting, a woodcut portrait, a tile mosaic, and more. This tutorial will teach users several complex features of Painter. It is recommended that users have a working knowledge of Painter 7, or that users have viewed VTC’s Painter 7 tutorial (ISBN #1930519591). More advanced topics include: the new watercolor engine, various cloning tools, and dynamic tools that include glass distortion, kaleidoscope, and liquid metal effect. Users will learn how to create a custom image portfolio, how to animate with Painter, and many other expert-level techniques. To start now, just click on one of the topics below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 116 Free Video Video Time


Architecture Collage

Notepaper and Cards

Dynamic Painting

Layered Still Life

Watercolor Painting

Cartoon from Illustrator File

Childrens Book Cover

Music CD Cover

Graphic Portrait

Mosaic Still Life Part 1

Mosaic Still Life Part 2

Effects Scripts

Video Effects

Animating Nozzles

Rotoscope Animation

Animating Filter Effects

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