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Learn Oracle: Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL (in only 12 hours)

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Course Description: Virtual Training Company's Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL tutorial will cover the relational Database Model, the Oracle Architecture and the Physical database. The tutorial is aimed at programmers, and individuals who have had prior SQL and relational database experience. Gavin Powell, your instructor, will begin teaching you many Oracle tools such as the SQL Plus, SQL Plus Worksheet, and Oracle Enterprise Manager. This tutorial will explain how to maintain the Logical Database, and the difference between the Logical Database and the Physical database. You will be guided, in great detail, in the following areas: retrieving, changing, adding, and deleting data from the Database. From there, you will learn about Logical Database objects, Security, Select Statements, and much more. Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL will cover areas for the Oracle Certification course (1Z0-007). To get started, click one of the video tutorials below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 162 Free Video Video Time

The Relational Database Model

The Architecture of Oracle

Creating Database Objects

Users and Security

Retrieving Data from the Database

Oracle Built In Functions

Filtering SELECT Statements

Sorting SELECT Statements

Joining Multiple Tables

Summarizing with GROUP BY

Subqueries and Other Advanced Queries

Oracle Data Manipulation Language (DML)

PL/SQL (Programming Language SQL)