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Learn Microsoft Word 2013 (in only 8 hours)

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Course Description: In this video training course, students will learn how to work with basic to advanced functions of Microsoft Word 2013. This efficient word processing program allows you to edit text, graphics, tables, page layouts, styles, and more. Intermediate to advanced users will learn how to complete a mail merge, use screenshots or clippings, implement hyperlinks, set up collaboration, create a table of contents, and utilize macros. Microsoft Word even provides connected services so users can utilize social media networks within files. Word is part of the cloud, SkyDrive, which allows everyone to utilize remote access anywhere, anytime. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Word 2013 Fundamentals


Working with Text


Page Layout




Shapes and SmartArt


Text Inserts

Screenshots and Clippings

File Types







Collaboration and Review





Web Page

Time Savers



Word 2013 is the latest version of the word processing program by Microsoft. For years Word has been the world leader in word processing. This latest version only strengths the program. The navigation bar and many features will look familiar to users. Even though it has a very familiar look and feel, there are some powerful new additions. As part of the Microsoft Office 365, Word 2013 comes with an option to add apps and seamlessly integrates with SkyDrive. Although still in its infancy, Office apps allow users to further customize their documents and add parts they could not before. SkyDrive, which is the Microsoft cloud system, is now present when users go to save their documents. If you save your files in SkyDrive, you will be able to access them not only on your computer, but online at The files also sync to SkyDrive mobile applications on tablets and smart phones. This ensures that user documents go with them wherever users are and at their convenience. This course will help you better utilize all of the features of Word and make the most of the leading word processor.