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Learn Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (in only 9 hours)

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Course Description: Built on NT technology, Windows 2000 Professional delivers the business operating system to the next generation of computing. With built-in Web and application services, Internet-standard security, and record-breaking performance at a low cost, it is one of the best operating systems for doing business on the Internet. Learn all about it in Virtual Training Company's tutorial. You will soon be able to customize your desktop, configure hardware, and use the control panel as author Louis Dipaola teaches you step by step how to use Windows 2000. This tutorial is a wonderful resource in preparing for the Microsoft Certification Exam #70-210. If you want to start learning now, simply click on one of the subjects below.

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System Configuration Tools

Hardware Configuration

Using the Control Panel

File System Options

Sharing Files and Folders

Disk Administration and Configuration



User and Group Configuration

Monitoring and Streamlining Performance

Security and Monitoring System Use

Booting and Troubleshooting