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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (in only 8 hours)

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Course Description: This VTC course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for creating and making presentations. The course moves from a study of the PowerPoint interface through creating presentations, and where possible, reusing content already created. Participants will learn how to add smart art objects, images, drawings and charts to slides as well as importing an editing audio and video content.

The course author, Helen Bradley, teaches Microsoft PowerPoint from a business perspective, introducing tools that can be used to ensure that PowerPoint presentations are consistently formatted and so that, when changes are made, the changes flow seamlessly through the presentation. Topics included within the course: formatting data in tables, using the photo album tool, working with multimedia objects and properly preparing your slide show for presentation. Work files are included. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 111 Free Video Video Time

PowerPoint 2010 Basics

Advanced Text Options

Work with Slides

Themes / Layouts / Slide Master

Work with Graphics


Drawing Shapes

Multimedia Objects

Transitions / Animations / Actions

Prepare Your Presentation

Make a Presentation

Put it all Together



Microsoft PowerPoint has been the leading presentation program for many years. Companies in the corporate world use the program to make pitches, communicate strategic plan, and explain information to employees and customers. These presentations often incorporate tables and graphs. PPT is also widely used in the educational world. Students use the program to make presentations for class projects and speeches. Teachers and professors regularly choose to present information for their class through a series of PPT slides. These presentation often use shapes and multimedia to help illustrate the point being presented. The program is popular in part because of the mass customization options. In addition to the various themes that are available, you can build your own if you prefer using either suggested or custom color schemes. This course, offered by the Virtual Training Company, will help you learn everything you need to know about PowerPoint 2010. With the knowledge you take away from this course, you will be able to make strong presentation that will help you stand out.