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Learn Microsoft Outlook 2010 (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Microsoft Outlook 2010 is known as the most popular applications for managing email, scheduling, tasks, and contacts. It consists of five (5) main sections Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal... all of which are covered in this video course, enabling users to get started with and efficiently use the entire application. Students learn to send, receive, and manage their email, as well as how to attach files to, format, and customize their email, and how to connect their messages to calendar items and contacts. They also learn how to manage their schedules and to-do lists, and to store and make effective use of their business and personal contacts. After completing this course, students understand how to use and customize the five main components of Outlook and will have the confidence and capacity to fully master the application through daily use. These online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Beyond the Basics

Organizing Your Mail

Setting Up the Calendar

Creating Appointments and Meetings

Using Your Calendar

Tracking Your Tasks


Advanced Outlook Topics



Microsoft Outlook has long been the business leader in e-mail, calendar, and task management. The popular program helps professionals around the world efficiently manage their e-mail, keep an organized schedule, and on task with the tools offered in this program. This course will teach you everything from the basics of e-mail to the more advanced scheduling and task management. E-mail is the most commonly used feature of Microsoft Outlook. This program allows you to pull in all of your e-mail accounts into Outlook so that you can view everything in one place. Once your e-mail accounts have been added, you can set up folders and filters to effectively manage and organize all of your e-mails that are coming in. This course will teach you how to add your e-mail accounts, organize, filter, and clean up all of your e-mails. The calendar function of Outlook is also widely used and crucial in the business world. Individuals can schedule meetings with other individuals or groups and seamlessly send them a request and have it added to all of their calendars. You can also set up multiple calendars to organize events by the organization they are related to. This video training course will walk you through the steps of setting up and most effectively using your calendar to maximize every moment of your day. The last key component of Outlook is the task manager. You can flag e-mails, make task lists and set up notifications to keep you on task and accomplishing everything you need to get done.