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Learn Microsoft Managing Windows 2000 Security (in only 10 hours)

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Course Description: Virtual Training Company's Managing Windows 2000 Security, taught by Microsoft certified instructor Bill Ferguson, is geared specifically towards helping you prepare for and pass the Microsoft Certification Exam # 70-220. First, he will teach you about some potential security risks to the data and functionality of a Windows 2000 network, along with security evaluation standards in place around the world. From there, he will discuss the security features built into Windows 2000 and the best way to implement them. You will then learn how to set up secure user accounts and administrative access, how to design network security, how to secure files and printers, and how and why to secure communication within a Local Area Network. He also covers remote Access and Office security, security to and from the Internet and with Extranets, and how to design a public key infrastructure. Finally, he will help you develop a security plan based on all of the topics covered, and will review and help you prepare for taking the 70-220 test. To start learning now, simply click on one of the video tutorials below.

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Potential Security Risks

Security Evaluation and Standards

Windows 2000 Security Features

User Accounts and Security

Administrative Access

Designing Security For The Network

Securing Files

Securing Printers

Securing LAN Communication

Security For Non-Microsoft Clients

Securing Traffic with Non-Windows 2000 Servers

Remote Access Security

Secuirty with Remote Offices

Secuirty From the Internet

Security To The Internet

Security With Extranets

Designing A Public Key Infrastructure

Developing A Secuirty Plan

How to Take and Pass the 70-220 Test