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Learn Microsoft LINQ (in only 5 hours)

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Course Description: Language Integrated Query is a new programming feature set that Microsoft officially introduced as part of the 3.5 release version of the .NET Framwork. LINQ brings the world of data queries into the .NET Framework and makes the query itself part of the development environemnt. The result is that developers can now access data from diverse sources using queries with very similar syntax. LINQ provides Intellisense, compiler hints and assistance as well as making data queries happen with few lines of code that is easier to read and understand.

In this course, Mark Long introduces you to the basics of LINQ. He shows you how to get started with LINQ, how LINQ works and with lots of programming demos, he takes you step by step through using LINQ to query Objects, SQL Server and XML documents. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Introduction to Microsoft LINQ

LINQ Basics


LINQ to DataSet