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Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: This comprehensive video training course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to get the most out of using Microsoft Excel 2013. You will learn about the Excel interface by watching and working in it. You will create and format worksheets, do calculations, create charts, and use tools necessary to analyze data in meaningful ways. Author Helen Bradley teaches Excel from a business perspective, focusing on tools that maximize productivity and accuracy. She demonstrates how to design worksheets intelligently and then she shows you how to check for accuracy to make sure your worksheets return correct results. She also teaches about automating data entry, testing formulas, and using PivotTables for data analysis. She concludes with a discussion of SkyDrive and the Excel WebApp. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 113 Free Video Video Time

Excel Basics

Entering Data

Rearranging a Worksheet

Basic Formulas & Functions

Formatting a Worksheet

Creating Charts

Adding Art

More Complex Functions

Working with Tables

Working with PivotTables

Working with Large Worksheets

Advanced Tools & Techniques

Printing a Worksheet

Spreadsheet Design

Automating with Macros

Working with Skydrive



MS Excel 2013 is the latest version of the Microsoft spreadsheet application. Part of the MS Office suite, Excel is a worksheet based program that is helpful in analyzing large amounts of data. This program uses cells and input functions to help individuals and businesses better understand their data. Information in the cells and tabs can be translated to create forms, charts, tables, and other visual elements that communicate a story.

There are many improvements in Excel 2013 that once again set it apart as the leading spreadsheet in the world. Excel 2013 has improved multi-threading and memory contention. FlashFill is also a new addition to the program. The popularly used pivot tables now have another feature called the PowerPivot. Microsoft has also added 50 new functions that users can use within the program. Excel 2013 contains all of the great features in previous versions of the program with improvements and better synchronization with the new Windows app platform.