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Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 (in only 8 hours)

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Course Description: This Microsoft Excel course is ideal for users of all levels. Whether you are working on a simple spreadsheet or a complex analysis, it is all covered here. Learn how to master the wide range of tools contained in MS Excel with efficiency, accuracy, and increased productivity. This online video course will help you master spreadsheet functions and design. You will learn formulas and functions, along with the database-oriented features such as pivot tables and filters. Easily learn about new features of MS Excel 2010 and tips to increase the readability of your spreadsheets. Although taught using MS Excel 2010, this course is good for all versions of MS Excel. Work files are included so you can practice along. These online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 117 Free Video Video Time

Getting Started

Customizing Your Screen

Building a Framework

Editing Techniques

Manipulating Data

Adding Special Effects

Using Different View

Visualizing Worksheets

Protecting Your Work

Linking with Paste Special



Cell References

Introducing Formulas

Advance Formulas and Functions

Working with Tables

Sorting and Filtering

Charts and Graphics

Creating a Specialty Chart

Spicing Up Your Spreadsheets

Adding Objects

Excel Integration

Working with Pivot Tables

Working with Databases

Automation and Macros

New Features for Your Work

Final Tips



Excel 2010 is the 14th version of MS Office suite spreadsheet program. Historically this program had been used by individuals and organizations to track expenses, make budgets, and do a variety of other actions. Creating new spreadsheets, table features, basic functions, and more complex features such as filtering are all taught in this course. This version of Excel included many updates that were not available in previous versions. MS Excel 2010 has 64-bit support.

They also introduced multi-threading recalculation for commonly used functions. There are also more conditional formatting options and the ability to preview before pasting. In this program you can customize the Ribbon and take advantage of the many new formulas that will improve efficiency and accuracy. The program also includes improved pivot tables and in cell charts that are referred to as spark lines. If you need to learn Microsoft Excel 2010, this course will help you learn the skills you need to master the program and produce even better results.