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Course Description: If you need a high-end 3D graphics software package for 3D effects, animation, cinematics, or game graphics, check out Maya! Maya is widely used by visual effects and animation studios, and is growing increasingly popular with game developers. This Virtual Training Company tutorial introduces you to Maya's groundbreaking tools and features. Co-authors Chuck Grieb and Roger Dickes begin showing you the tool sets and helping you to understand the structure and organization of Maya. They will introduce you to the modeling, lighting, animation, and dynamic tools available in Maya. You will learn exciting features such as adding texture, digital sculpture, and much more. To get started, just click one of the video tutorials below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 104 Free Video Video Time


User Interface Basics

Manual Interactivity - Hands

Display Hotkeys

Theoretical Foundations - What Is a Sphere?

Selection Masks


What is Modeling?

Nurbs vs. Polygons

Creating Curves and Curve Editing


Creating Surfaces

Editing Surfaces

What is Rendering?

Rendering Editors

Lighting a Scene / Adding Textures


Textures and Utilities



What is Animation?

UI Review

Animation Editors

Set Up

Animation Work Procedure

Maya in the Animation Industry