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Learn MasterClass! - Microsoft Visual Studio Class Designer (in only 1 hours)

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Course Description: Software design is a difficult and complex task. The Visual Studio Class Designer is a fully-functional, visual design environment for the Common Language Runtime. It lets you visualize the structure of classes and other types and through these visual representations edit their source code. Changes made to the class diagram are immediately reflected in code and changes made to the code immediately affect the appearance of the designer.

In this MasterClass! Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long shows you how to use the Class Designer as well as how to make it even better! Work files are included. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 17 Free Video Video Time

Class Designer

  • How Do I Get It? 2.43
  • Opening the Designer 3.62
  • Designer Toolbox 3.27
  • Creating a Class 4.1
  • Code Generation 6.17
  • Inheritance 3.92
  • Properties Window 3.58
  • Layout Toolbar 4.47
  • Exporting Diagrams 2.35
  • Adding an Interface 5.95
  • Refactoring 5.23

Advanced Functionality