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Learn MasterClass! - VST Instruments & Effects Vol. 2 (in only 2 hours)

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Course Description: In this VTC MasterClass! course, audio expert and Producer Kenneth Braithwaite, focuses on Steinberg's classic and flagship VST Instruments & Effects. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the MasterClass! - VST Instruments & Effects Vol. 2 movie links.

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Video Tutorials Included: 23 Free Video Video Time

Groove Agent 3

  • Introducing Groove Agent 3 pt. 2 5.5
  • Memory Snapshots 5.03
  • MIDI In & MIDI Out 6.18
  • Customizing the Sounds 6.1
  • Dual Mode - Groove Agents United 5.2
  • Special Agent 3.55
  • Percussion Agent 4.7
  • Controlling via MIDI 4.5

The Grand 2

Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Virtual Bassist

Playing Together

Wrapping Up