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Learn MasterClass! - Adobe Creative Suite: Web Design Workflow (in only 2 hours)

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Course Description: Adobe Creative Suite offers up a large number of tools and options for creating eye-popping web layouts for today's fast-paced marketplace. Learn the techniques, tools, and commands available to streamline your web workflow in Geoff Blake's MasterClass! - Adobe Creative Suite: Web Design Workflow. Begin by creating a scratch-built layout in Illustrator that's quickly ported over to Photoshop for further manipulation. Learn the best techniques for setting up the Photoshop layout for the web, including the automatic generation of HTML and CSS code. Finally, open the layout in Dreamweaver for further refinement, where you'll learn fast-paced CSS techniques for controlling your overall layout. Work files are included. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 33 Free Video Video Time

Getting Started in Illustrator

  • Adjusting the File Setup 3.97
  • Laying Out the Main Blocks pt. 1 4.47
  • Laying Out the Main Blocks pt. 2 4.25

Refining the Illustrator Layout

Moving Over to Photoshop

Exporting from Photoshop

Managing the Dreamweaver Layout