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Learn Macromedia Flash MX Intermediate Developer (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Macromedia Flash MX is one of the finest tools available for creating powerful websites. This Virtual Training Company tutorial is aimed at developers, those who are creating web applications and using advanced Flash MX ActionSripting in developer mode. Your instructor, Eric Hake, will guide you through the new features of the Flash MX Development tool. Timelines, shared libraries and templates will all be covered. Learn Flash MX components, such as check boxes, radio buttons, push buttons, list boxes, media controller, media sound and more. Click on a movie topic below to begin learning!

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Video Tutorials Included: 90 Free Video Video Time

New Features in ActionScript

Enhanced ActionScript Debugger

Flash MX for Developers

Foundation Builders

Flash MX Components

Flash UI Components Set 1

Flash UI Components Set 2

Flash UI Components Set 3

Flash Media Components

Flash UI Data Grid

Flash UI Components Set 4

Flash Charting Components

Using the Flash Cookie

Project: Flash MX Forms