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Learn Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript (in only 6 hours)

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Course Description: Author Doug Sahlin teaches you the ins and outs of Macromedia Flash MX ActionScripting. Designed to create websites or multimedia presentations for CD-ROM, Flash MX ActionScripting allows users to create exciting animated graphics while keeping a smaller file size than with conventional graphic editing methods. Learn key concepts that will make your Flash designs efficient and entertaining. If you create Flash designs for clients, adding ActionScript to your repertoire will keep you busy creating new designs for existing clients and possibly some new ones. Get started right away by clicking one of the video tutorials below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 115 Free Video Video Time

Controlling The Timeline With ActionScript

Controlling Movie Content With ActionScript

Creating ActionScript Loops

Working With Variables And Arrays

Using ActionScript with Text

Using ActionScript Objects

Creating Dynamic Content With ActionScript

Creating Interactive Buttons And Navigation Devices

Working With Statements And Expressions

Working With Functions

Working With Flash Components

Debugging ActionScript

Project: Creating A Custom Cursor

Project: Creating A Moving Image Gallery

Project: Creating a Motion Blur Effect

Project: Creating A Mouse Chaser

Project: Creating A Sound Controller

Project: Creating A Slide Show

Project: Creating Scrolling Text

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