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Learn Macromedia Flash 8 Fundamentals (in only 10 hours)

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Course Description: Macromedia Flash 8 has continued the application's trend of being the industry standard tool for developing animation and rich media content for internet delivery. In this tutorial, VTC author Rick Martin starts from the ground up and gives you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Flash 8. He covers general concepts such as Flash movie architecture and animation basics and guidelines, as well as more specific topics like getting the most out of the Flash tools and panels. Along the way he includes drawing and compositing, importing bitmaps, video and sound, as well as a section on ActionScript that shows you how to use easy-to-understand scripts to bring your Flash presentations to life. By the end of the tutorial, he starts you down the path to eventually becoming a fully fledged Flash developer. To begin learning Macromedia Flash 8 Fundamentals today, simply click on one of the movie links below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 143 Free Video Video Time

Flash Basics

Symbols and Instances


Flash Movie Architecture

Preferences and Customizing



Library Panel

The Timeline

Drawing / Organizing and Compositing






Components and Behaviors