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Learn JavaScript Libraries (in only 12 hours)

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Course Description: This VTC course will provide an overview of one of the cornerstone technologies involved in many web 2.0 applications - JavaScript Libraries. This video course gives a basic foundation on how to utilize many commonly used elements. The overview is facilitated by providing information on Prototype Javascript Framework and Scriptaculous, the Dojo Toolkit, Yahoo User Interface Library, and the jQuery Javascript Library, providing experience using those libraries by creating projects that leverage aspects of those individual libraries. James Street shows just how easy it is to get started using Ajax, animation, and more! Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 154 Free Video Video Time


Define JavaScript Libraries

Brief Review

Overview of the Frameworks

Second Look: Prototype & Scriptaculous

Project: Prototype & Scriptaculous

Second Look: Dojo

Project: Dojo

Second Look: YUI

Project: YUI

Second Look: jQuery

Project: jQuery

Wrap Up