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Learn iPad Application Development (in only 8 hours)

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Course Description: In this VTC course, author Jesse Feiler provides hands-on guidance in learning how to be a developer for iPad. You will learn how to use Xcode 4, which is a major rewrite of Xcode and is a new paradigm for developing software. This video course identifies the major components of the UI and shows you how to program them. In addition, you will learn about iOS SDK component for data storage and display, including Core Data and table views. Jesse even demonstrates how to use the simulator to test your iOS apps using your Mac (Please note that Xcode is Mac-only software, so in order to develop iOS apps, you will need a Mac). Start learning to build apps now by clicking the movie links below!

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Video Tutorials Included: 107 Free Video Video Time

Welcome to iOS Development

Joining the Developer Program

Looking at iOS Apps a New Way

Quick Start: The High-Level View

Using Xcode

Step-by-Step to a Basic iPad App

Working with Nibs & Xibs

Using Outlets / Actions / Connections

Working with Core Data

Supporting Views in Code

Using a Table View: Overview

UITableViewController Protocol/Delegate

Using a Table to Display Data

Finishing Up the App