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Course Description: This video course provides a user with the fundamentals of analyzing, designing and building an E-Commerce website. The course is taught from the viewpoint of a web developer working with a small business client and covers such topics as proposals, contracts, site design, marketing, financial and security considerations, shopping cart technology, billing, order processing, shipping, confirmation and much more. From beginning concepts to final site setup, this course is essential for anyone wanting to build an E-Commerce website. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Introduction to E-Commerce lessons.

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Details From the Client

Choosing the Type of E-commerce

Contracts and Specifications

Site Planning and Flow Diagrams


CFML Mock-up

Financial and Security Decisions

Sales Tax and S&H Charges

Data Elements and Integration

Data Structure


Shopping Cart View

Checkout Billing

Checkout Shipping

Order Summary

Order Processing