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Course Description: Computer forensics is a new and exiting field that is gaining popularity. Because of the complexity and legal boundaries, few truly understand what skills are required to be an effective computer forensics technician. VTC author's Bobby Rogers and Brad Causey take you step by step through the entire investigative process, explaining all the details that an investigator would have to know. To begin learning today simply click on one of the links.

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Role Of The Investigator

The Incident Response Team (IRT)

Computer Crime Laws

Corporate Regulation & Privacy Issues

Evidence Control & Documentation

Crime Scene Response

Building a Forensics Laboratory

Commercial Forensics Software Tools

Open Source Forensics Tools

Basics of Disk Imaging

Disk Imaging Tools

Disk Analysis

File Analysis

Log File Analysis

Windows Forensics

Linux Forensics

Case Study

Concluding an Investigation

That Is A Wrap