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    Today, more than ever, people need to know how to use multiple computer programs so they can accomplish a wide variety of tasks. People get paid for solving problems and accomplishing tasks.  The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you become to an organization. Higher value often results in higher pay.

    Who has time to attend expensive classes just to learn one thing?

    The most affordable and convenient way to learn and improve your job skills is to sign up for complete online video training courses. Imagine having access to 1,000+ tutorials that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Learn while sitting at your desk with a computer or while relaxing on the sofa with your iPad.

    These are not random videos like you see on other training web sites. We offer complete video courses designed to teach you the subject you want to learn. Each course takes approximate 8 hours to complete. After you watch all tutorials included in a courses, you earn certificates of completion. Add those certificates to your resume to prove that you have completed that training.

  • Courses designed to strengthen your computer skills and help you become more valuable to your organization
  • 1,000+ computer courses taught by experts with real world industry experience in their fields
  • Effective training videos for all skill levels - For beginners or professionals
  • High quality easy to understand videos with voice narration

    Watch the teacher's demonstrate each step and listen to them explain everything with clear instructions. Then pause the video and try it yourself.
    It's like having your own instructor there helping you learn whenever you want. Replay any part of any tutorial as often as you like.
    live online help to make sure you are always able to login and make sure the tutorials run on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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