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Learn Hexagon 2 Basics (in only 10 hours)

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Course Description: Hexagon 2 is a 3D polygonal modeler for artists, illustrators and animators. With several modeling techniques options including free polygonal modeling, subdivision surfaces, and creating surfaces from curves, it is capable of producing very technical or organic forms. It offers UV mapping and brush modeling features for microdisplacement and texturing. And it includes Dynamic Geometry¬ô, which allows dynamic re-editing of all or some of the construction steps. This "how to" course by Jack Whitney, thoroughly examines all of the tools and techniques found in Hexagon 2. Work files for the lessons are included so users can easily follow along. To get started, simply click on one of the lessons below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 113 Free Video Video Time

Introduction to Hexagon 2

Navigating the Workspace

The 3D Manipulator


3D Primitives

Vertex Modeling

Modeling with Lines

Surface Modeling


Working with Surface Texture

Dynamic Geometry


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