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Learn Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 Advanced (in only 4 hours)

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Course Description: Virtual Training Company's Final Cut Pro Advanced tutorial is a more in-depth look at Apple's non-linear editing application. This tutorial is for those who have a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro and have completed at least one editing project from beginning to end, and especially those who have taken the first VTC Final Cut Pro tutorial. Author James Monohan expands on topics covered in the first FCP tutorial, such as importing audio. He guides you through more specialized topics and covers new information, such as working with reference movies. You can begin learning now by clicking one of the topics below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 125 Free Video Video Time

Advanced Digital Video

  • Codec Alternatives 1.68
  • Working with DV Toolkit 4
  • Addendum to DV Toolkit 0.87
  • Using Auxiliary Timecode 3.75

Advanced System Set-up

Updating Your System

Rendering in YUV

Capturing/Importing Media

Working with 16:9 Footage

Make Reference Movie

Media Management

Maintaining Synchronization

Editing in the Timeline

Editing in Trim Mode


Audio Editing

Audio Filters: A Brief Summary



Compositing: Working with Filters

Compositing: Mattes and Masks

Compositing: Key Filters

Common FX


Third Party Software: After Effects

Third Party Software: Photoshop

Third Party Software: Commotion

Exporting to the Web