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Course Description: FileMaker Pro 5.0 is a powerful cross-platform database application that takes the headache out of organizing your business and information. Virtual Training Company's FileMaker Pro 5 for the Web tutorial takes your working knowledge of FileMaker and teaches you how to make it work for your web site. Before you begin, it is recommended that you have a working knowledge of FileMaker Pro (see VTC tutorial ISBN#1889347876 for a refresher), web publishing (ISBN#1930519729), and HTML (ISBN#1889347663). Author David Bylund takes you through 3 approaches to learning FileMaker Pro for the Web: Static, which helps you create html pages behind the scenes of FileMaker; Instant Web Publishing, which gives you limited control over the layout and information from FileMaker on your web page; and Custom Web Publishing, which gives you complete control over what information to include from your database, interface, layout, and graphics. He makes learning easier by guiding you through setting up a sample online store so you can learn through real-life examples. Get started now by clicking on one of the topics below.

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Instant Web Publishing

Custom Web Publishing

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