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Course Description: Linux is the most important operating system on the Internet. It's recognized everywhere as the cost-effective way to operate all kinds of servers and desktops. With the support of powerhouses like IBM, Dell, HP, and Sun, demand for Linux is growing. Fedora 11 is the latest in a line of community-supported releases from Red Hat. It is also the test bed for the upcoming release of the enterprise-ready Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This "how to" course by VTC author, Mike Jang, uses practical examples to demonstrate the skills you need to use Fedora 11 on the desktop. To begin learning today, simply click the links.

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A View of the Desktop

  • Alternative Desktop Environments 4.25
  • Main Menu Applications 4.72
  • System Applications 6.77
  • Change the Menus 3.28
  • Fedora Places & Files 3.63
  • The Static Network Connection 5.48
  • The Wireless Connection 4.27
  • Desktop Hardware & System Preferences 5.12
  • Desktop Look & Feel 4.27
  • Modify Desktop Resolution 4.42
  • Beagle/Search Tool 6.68

Online Activity

Working with Windows

Desktop Services

Security & Speed

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Productivity Applications

More Applications

Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Administration