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Course Description: Take your video production a step further by making your DVD look as professional as your work with DVD Studio Pro®. The technical depth and ease of use make DVD Studio Pro® the most complete, flexible and creative tool for DVD authoring professionals. Use DVD Studio Pro to design and build high-impact main event titles, films, sales and marketing presentations, training, wedding and special-event DVDs. It gracefully unites authoring power and design intelligence. VTC author Joseph Haggard shows you all the techniques you need to design and create your own DVD menus, as you follow him along creating his own dynamic DVD menus and functions. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the DVD Studio Pro® 2/3 lessons.

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Video Tutorials Included: 116 Free Video Video Time

Setting Up DVDSP

Authoring A Basic DVD

The Interface

DVD Media

Authoring An Advanced DVD

Creating Menus in DVDSP

Creating Menus In Photoshop

Motion Menus

Layered Menus


Planning A DVD

MPEG-2 Encoding

Chapter Markers in Final Cut Pro

Using Compressor

Using A.Pack



Transition Movies




Multiple Streams

Setup Menus


Hybrid DVD

Working With 16x9

Advanced Connections

Building & Formatting A DVD

Intro To DVDSP 3

Graphical View


Advanced Tricks