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Course Description: Digital Recording Studio on a Budget is an exciting new course from engineer, author, and educator Sam McGuire. In today's world of ever decreasing prices for professional quality audio software, this course focuses on introducing you to the tools and concepts which will allow you to create a powerful music production studio capable of producing high quality music recordings. Whether you are a solo artist or a member of band trying to make demo recordings or even your very first album, this course will take you through each step of the process from original concept to final online marketing all the while keeping the budget issues in the forefront. Throughout this course, author Sam McGuire shares tips and tricks that have been refined while working on hundreds of projects in the studio and thousands of hours in the classroom. Included are work files and equipment purchasing recommendations.

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Video Tutorials Included: 90 Free Video Video Time




Hearing the Audio

Free Software

Software Options

Common Software

Digital Audio

Getting Started






Dynamics Processing

Time Effects

Special Effects

More Expensive Effects

Beyond the $500 Budget

Finishing the Project