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Course Description: This Database Optimization course provides viewers with important techniques and checklists to configure, monitor, and manage their databases. You will learn how to develop a tuning strategy, explore the tuning and diagnostic tools, understand the relational database model and implications on performance, evaluate the application for efficient design, structure, and other factors affecting performance and evaluate hardware for effects on performance. Join us as we review best practices in designing, optimizing, and maintaining your database. You will benefit from this course whether you have some experience with optimizing databases or are just starting out. Work files are included. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Designing for Performance

Troubleshooting & Testing

Conducting an Audit

Relationships & Joins

Referential Integrity

Data Types & Validations

Creating a Data Model

Database Normalization

Temporary Tables

Query/Views Optimization

Index Strategies

Clustered Indexes

More Tuning

Data Types & Quality

Best Practices

Stored Procedures & Triggers

Hardware Performance Concepts

Applying Performance Concepts


Database Security

Understanding Lifecycles

Using Baselines & Profiler

Analyzing Slow Performance

Optimizing Code


Other Components


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