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Course Description: Data modeling is the act of exploring data-oriented structures. When building a database, data modeling implies the creation of a model for data within that database. Data models can be used for a variety of purposes, from high-level conceptual models to physical data models. VTC author, Gavin Powell, covers topics such as normalization and denormalization for relational data modeling, fact dimensional structures for data warehouse data modeling, and basic object data modeling for object databases. Powell also examines useful web sites and vendor software, such as Oracle database, for finding data modeling information. To being learning today, simply click on one of the Data Modeling lessons.

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Introducing Data Modeling

Relational Data Modeling

Object Data Modeling

Data Warehouse Data Modeling

Getting Data from a Database

Tuning a Relational Data Model

Tuning a Data Warehouse Data Model

Other Tricks

Wrapping it Up