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Learn CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 (in only 12 hours)

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Course Description: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 for Windows is the perfect “all in one package” for designers. The Graphic Suite comprises DRAW! the suite’s flagship vector based graphic design software application and PHOTO-Paint which is a powerful bitmap image editing program. Also integrated in the suite are utilities, Corel-Capture, Corel Trace and Font Navigator. The Corel X3 package also includes over 1,000 Open Type fonts, and over 10,000 clip art and high resolution photos. To begin learning, click on one of the video tutorials below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 234 Free Video Video Time

Introduction to Programs

Suite Interface

Page Setup

Viewing - DRAW / PAINT

Selecting and Moving - DRAW


Transforming - DRAW

Drawing - DRAW

Shape Tools – PAINT

Editing Tools - DRAW

Fills – DRAW / PAINT

Outlines - DRAW

Objects - PAINT

Arranging Objects - DRAW

Text - DRAW


Interactive Tools

Miscellaneous - DRAW

Editing and Retouching - PAINT

Color Adj - PAINT

Filters - PAINT

Brushes Tools - PAINT

Input/Output - DRAW / PAINT

Other Programs

Wrap Up