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Learn ColdFusion MX 7 Advanced (in only 6 hours)

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Course Description: ColdFusion is a powerful platform-independent server-side technology used to create powerful database-driven applications. Built into ColdFusion is an application server which uses the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). ColdFusion MX7 can be run on various web servers, and includes a JRUN web server that can be used for development purposes. CFML offers built-in tags and functions so users do not have to have a background in programming in order to use ColdFusion. VTC author Candyce Mairs extends your knowledge of ColdFusion MX 7 with lessons covering the advanced features and capabilities of the technology. To begin learning simply click the links.

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Introducing Dreamweaver

Variable Scope

Application Framework

Request Events

Session Scope


Error Handling

User Defined Functions

Custom Tags


Flash Forms