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Course Description: Carrara 4 keeps professional designers ahead of the curve by offering superior performance capabilities and a prodigious toolset that seamlessly integrates into any workflow. Carrara 4 also makes it easy for the beginner because of its unique organization of rooms within the interface, providing an immediate disposal of tools (whether it’s modeling, texturing or rendering). Carrara 4 Pro also comes pre-loaded with essential plug-ins, TransPoser™ and CADstyle™, as well as Amapi Designer 7, a fully functional version of the versatile modeling package from Eovia. VTC author, Doug Sahlin, shows users how to create 3D scenes for publishing to the Web or print, design textures for modelers, create shapes using modelers, add special effects, animate a scene, and much more. Available for both Mac and PC, Carrara 4 is essential for the graphic designer, 3D artist, or hobbyist looking to take their creativity to the next level. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Carrara Pro 4 lessons.

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Video Tutorials Included: 144 Free Video Video Time

Introducing Carrara

Navigating the Workspace

Managing Scene Elements

Lighting Your Scene

Modeling with Modifiers

Using the Spline Modeler

Using the Vertex Modeler

Using the Meta-Ball Modeler

Creating Terrains

Texturing Your Models

Creating Custom Shaders

Using Shader Layers

Advanced Shading Techniques

Adding Special Effects

Animating a Scene

Character Animation

Rendering a Scene

Using Carrara with Other Software