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Course Description: In this VTC course, author James Gonzalez reviews the best tools and practices for designing and creating Facebook-like social networking web sites customized for specific targeted audiences or needs. This video course covers the principles needed to design effective and profitable social sites and the best tools available for building them. Four social website building tools are introduced in this course: Ning, Moodle, WordPress running the BuddyPress social plug-in, and Joomla! running the JomSocial and Community Builder Components.

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Course Introduction

Elements of a Social Network

Planning Your Online Community

Getting Started

Building a Social Network with NING

Building Social Networks with WordPress

Building Social Learning Sites with Moodle

Building Social Networking Sites with Joomla!

Earning Revenue from Your Site



Your customers spend time on social media and are influenced by the content they consume through those channels. It is important for you and your company to not just be present in the social media world, but understand the most effective way to reach and engage your customers. Handling Facebook and other social media accounts wrong can squander a crucial opportunity you have to increase customer loyalty and generate responses from your fans. This course will give you important guidance on how to effectively build an online community and utilize all of the tools available through Facebook. Building a tribe of followers who appreciate and look forward to your interactions with them is arguably the greatest value to you on social media. This course, offered by VTC, will show you different ways to do that. This includes creating a poll, edge rank, and three other videos about expanding your presence. Once you know how to build your Facebook community, this course will show you how to effectively use Facebook apps and ads. Facebook aps can be a great way to customize what you are trying to do easily and quickly. There are many great features of Facebook ads that will help you target specific demographics and make sure that you are hitting the target market you are trying to reach. At the end of this course you will be able to build a stronger online community and effectively use ads to increase the return on the time you invest in social media.