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Course Description: Blogging! Although in 1999 there were fewer than 100 weblogs known to be in existence, nowadays one is hard-pressed to miss a blog anywhere on the Internet. In this VTC tutorial, master instructor, Tim Warner, presents a comprehensive introduction to the world of blogging. From the history of blogging, to an overview of relevant terminology, to an in-depth consideration of three major blog-creation services, Warner leaves no stone unturned and focuses his instruction on learners of all ability levels. By the conclusion of these lessons the learner will be fully equipped to enter the blogosphere and join the enlightened league of webloggers! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Blogging lessons.

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How Blogging Works

How Blogger Works

Getting Help with Blogger

Configuring Your Blog Settings

Blog Hosting Options

Creating Posts in Blogger

Working with Images

Managing Blog Comments

Managing Blog Archiving

Syndicating Your Blog

Team Blogging

Customizing Blogger

Other Blogging Packages

Introduction to Movable Type

Installing Movable Type

Configuring Movable Type

Using Movable Type

Introduction to WordPress

Installing WordPress

Configuring WordPress

Using WordPress

Customizing WordPress