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Course Description: Bias Peak Pro is the industry standard for stereo audio editing, processing, and mastering on the Macintosh. From serious sound design for film, video, or multimedia, to rapid-fire broadcast editing, to music production and mastering, Peak Pro does it all. Create unique dance loops and remixes. Optimize your audio for Podcasting and Internet streaming. Dust off that pile of vinyl records or analog tapes and convert them to CDs, ultra-portable AAC (MP4) or MP3 files, or just about any other audio file format on Earth. Craft soundtracks or fix audio problems for digital video. Maximize your music's sonic quality and then burn your final masters directly to CD with 100% Redbook compatibility. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. VTC Author / Musician and composer, Jonathan Segel of Camper Van Bethoven, teaches the intricacies of this powerful application. To begin learning Bias Peak Pro 5 today, simply click on one of the video tutorials

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Video Tutorials Included: 93 Free Video Video Time


Editing Essentials


Digital Signal Processing


Batch File Processing


CD Burning


Quicktime Movies

Course Wrap-up