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Learn Avid Pro Tools 10 (in only 8 hours)

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Course Description: This Avid Pro Tools 10 course introduces the new features in this latest release of the audio recording and music production powerhouse. From clip gain and disk caching to new plug-ins and workflows, this version of ProTools is both powerful and exciting. Sam McGuire covers these new features and also explores many of the traditional features using real world examples and practical demonstrations. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, you will find this course both insightful and entertaining. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 95 Free Video Video Time

Project 1 / Recording

Optimizing Hardware

Introduction to Editing

Introduction to Mixing

Channel Strip

Audio Exercises

Project 2 / Surround

Surround Panning

Mixing in Surround

Surround Effects

Exporting Surround

Project 3 / MIDI


Score Editor

Exporting MIDI

MIDI Exercises

Project 4 / Video


Sound Design

Dialog Replacement

Movie Export

Video Exercises

Beat Detective

Control Surfaces

Transport / Reference

View / Reference

Ruler / Reference