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Learn Autodesk 3ds max 8 (in only 12 hours)

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Course Description: Autodesk® 3ds max 8® is a mature, robust, full-featured 3D modeling and animation application used by the world's top 3D professional artists and designers to create eye-catching visual effects, cutting-edge games, and unique design visualizations. It features a powerful built-in scripting language, MAXScript. Its Character Studio and “biped” features, offer rich character animation functionality. Pelt mapping makes applying textures to complex characters faster and easier. In this advanced tutorial, Virtual Training Company author Michael Thomas Green focuses on MAXScript, Character Studio and biped, as well as new features in 3ds max 8, such as cloth, hair and pelt mapping." A perfect follow up to This discreet 3ds max 7 Tutorial by the same author. To get started learning 3ds max 8 today, simply click on the links.

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Video Tutorials Included: 178 Free Video Video Time

Introduction and Setting Up


MAXScript--Transforming Objects

MAXScript--Running Scripts


MAXScript--Source Code Layout


MAXScript--UI Scripting


MAXScript--Scripting Animation

Character Studio--Biped

Character Studio--Skin and Physique

Character Studio--Biped Animation

Character Studio--Motion Flow

Character Studio--Motion Mixer

Garment Maker and Cloth

Hair and Fur


Summing Up