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Course Description: ASP is a server-side technology that uses a scripting language to generate dynamic Web pages. As a server side scripting language, ASP uses both built-in and external objects to generate web pages from a web server onto a client machine, generating HTML code to be viewed in a browser over the Internet. ASP also makes heavy use of a scripting/programming language called VBScript. VBScript is syntactically equivalent to the popular Microsoft SDK Visual Basic. VTC author, Gavin Powell, takes you from the basics of creating your first ASP page, through to the complexities of database access and beyond. To begin learning ASP scripting, simply click on one of the ASP Scripting lessons.

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Using VBScript

The Basics of ASP Scripting

Introducing Built In ASP Objects

Simple Built In ASP Objects

The Response Object

The Request Object

The Session Object

Data Persistence on the Client

Persistence and the File System

Database Persistence and ADO


Retrieving Data From a Database

Changing Data in a Database

Using Stored Procedures



Wrapping it Up