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Course Description: AppleScript Studio is the breakthrough technology from Apple that combines the simplicity of AppleScript with the remarkable easy-to-use features of Interface Builder and Project Builder. Your script-based applications now can look like full-fledged Aqua applications because that's what they are. You don't need to write a line of traditional code. If you're a developer using Cocoa, or Carbon, you can now add AppleScript features to your application with AppleScript Studio. With simple hooks for everything from reading and writing your own documents, to using Web services, AppleScript Studio can open new areas of easy-to-implement opportunity. With extensive code samples, this tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. Click on one of the video tutorials below to start learning!

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Video Tutorials Included: 88 Free Video Video Time

Getting Started with Interface Builder

Working with AppleScript Studio Windows

Working with Text

Working with Controllers

Working with Outline and Table Views

Building a Document-Based AppleScript App

Building an AppleScript Droplet

Writing for an AppleScript Studio Application

Coding for an AppleScript Studio Application

Assistance Within AppleScript Studio

Debugging AppleScript Studio Applications